Saturday, July 17, 2010

Using A Pendulum With Angels

One of my favorite ways of communicating with my Guardian Angel is by using a Pendulum.  You can purchase one rather inexpensively at a Spiritual Shop or find one Online.  Another alternative is to make your own by tying a piece of string or dental floss to a ring.

I start by finding a quiet spot in my home where I can sit undisturbed for at least 15-20 minutes.  I light a candle to represent God's presence among us.  I usually choose white for purity or pink for love.  I place an Angel object in front of me such as a picture or figurine to focus my intent.

At this point I say a prayer.  I ask God to allow my Guardian Angel to communicate with me.  Take the Pendulum in  your hand by the string.  It doesn't matter which hand you use.  Ask your Angel to show you the direction for "yes".  Observe the movement of the Pendulum.  Stop the movement with your other hand.  Ask your Angel to show you the direction for "no".  Again, observe the movement of the Pendulum.  For me it is always circular for "yes" and linear (back and forth) for "no".

You may now ask your Angel whatever yes or no question you like. When you have finished asking your questions and are ready to close the session, remember to thank your Angel for their help.

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